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Established in 1864, Mesker Door offers the pinnacle of innovation, craftsmanship and quality for hollow metal doors and frames today for the commercial, industrial and institutional construction markets. With thousands of quality products, Mesker focuses on speed to market, offers unparalleled customer service, and has become one of the most recognizable steel door companies in the world.


Utilize our extensive technical data manual with all of the resources and information you need for hollow metal doors, frames, and assemblies.

Pricing Tools

Mesker prides itself with top quality products and competitive pricing. Check out our pricing tools today.

Products Built for Success

Mesker is dedicated to manufacturing the most rugged and durable product in the commercial construction industry today.

Hollow Metal Steel Doors

Manufacturing the strongest doors in the industry.

Hollow Metal Steel Frames

Break form engineering for best in class fit and finish.

Specialty Products

Safety. Security. Strength. Products you can rely on.

Storm Products

Hurricane and Tornado Resistant assemblies.

Panel & Wood Grain Doors

Beauty, Durability and Strength

Retrofit & Replacement Products

Unique products for easy installation on renovation and retrofit projects.

History Proven
for Success

Mesker Door has been a distinguished leader in the commercial hardware industry for over 150 years, providing years of expertise and quality for every door and frame produced. Founded in 1846 by Mesker Brothers in St. Louis, Mesker manufactured storefront facades out of sheet metal and eventually engineers developed the world’s first hollow metal door. Leveraging the history and innovative breakthrough designs continues to drive the work today.

Customer Service

At Mesker, we believe it’s more than just manufacturing and delivering high quality products in a great time frame. We know the importance of exceptional customer service and pride ourselves in providing the fastest, most reliable customer service team in the industry. This unparalleled service helps create success in the field and develops long lasting partnerships in our industry.

Our Locations

As part of Mesker Openings Group, Mesker Door is available throughout the country. In addition to our primary manufacturing facility in Huntsville, AL, Mesker Door is also available at four other strategic locations to meet customer needs.

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Family of Brands

Mesker Door is part of Mesker Openings group, a leader in the commercial door and hardware industry. Bringing years of history and expertise to the company, Mesker’s focus on innovation and leadership paired with the three other brands, provides the solutions for all commercial needs.

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